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Create your demo sites on Themecloud

With Themecloud’s demo sites, you can let your potential customers truly experience your themes by giving them access to the dashboard in just one click.

Host awesome demo sites for free.

Offer 1-click install on your own shop

Let your customers install your theme in one click on our managed hosting platform. You just have to add a button in the customer area of your website!

Earn up to $430 per install.

Promote your themes on our marketplace

You can also optionally promote your themes on Themecloud’s marketplace and benefit from our trafic! We only take a 20% commission.

Get additional sales on our marketplace.

Join our forever free program now.


Make your customer’s life easier

Maybe you have already been faced with customers who don’t even know what WordPress is. With Themecloud, you don’t have to field their questions anymore. Even amateurs can have their website looking exactly like the demo site in just seconds!

Don’t change your existing processes

Manage your customers exactly as you always have. All you have to do is add a “1-click” install” button beside the “Download” button in the customer area.

Earn up to $430 per install!

Thanks to our affiliation program, you get 50% of the first year of hosting revenue generated by each install!

Instant test-drive

Reassure potential customers

By simply sharing their email address, your potential customers can acess the dashboard, create content and play with your theme options in a dedicated sandbox!

Reduce pre-sales questions

Potential customers don’t have to ask you questions about features and options anymore. They can just try them out!

Avoid disappointed customers

Your customers have no reason to be angry, disappointed or ask for refunds anymore. They know exactly what they buy.



Theme installations

Happy users

  • “We use Themecloud to offer test drives for our WordPress themes. It is just perfect for our potential customers since they can preview the look and feel of the theme but also try the admin options before buying. Moreover it is an easy to set up solution providing effective support.”

    Nicolas Kulka

    Co-founder at Plateforme WP Digital

  • “Themecloud offers great all-in-one WordPress solution. You can literally go from zero to having a WordPress site up and running in a couple of minutes. The team behind the service is awesome and extremely helpful. Thumbs up!”

    Marko Segota

    Co-founder at Anariel Design

How can we help you grow your business

Boost your revenue

Themecloud’s features will help you increase sales and you will also enjoy a new revenue channel thanks to our hosting affiliate program.

Reduce support costs

Do you spend too much time answering the same pre-sales questions or helping your customers to install your theme correctly? Be prepared to enjoy some more free time!

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Stay ahead of the competition

The WordPress theme market is crowded. Themecloud helps you staying ahead of the competition by offering your customers a unique and seamless experience.

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